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lovers in the med, clip back together. 

fictitious archaeologies and fanciful restorations.

object maker- collects 2 euro coins for scale.

practice self preservation and play the madman.

are you a cronopio or fama?

colonise me and play quioxte or odysseus.

generic idols and statue types.

yearn over olympic cities 1992-2004.

your charm is anything but discreet.

critique the nouveau riche.

tell me i smoke too much.

how to restore copper.

exert regional nationalisms.

speak of the stupidity of fountains and turn them on.

play a lugubrious game.

boast about your city plan and get lost in a grid.

have tempos and don't control your fingers.

speak to me in the diminutive and type in euro sans.

i promise i will

2 is better than 1.

a broken object is duplication.

Toppled in quarries, crafted in mines, tossed in fountains, stored in boxes, accelerated in European funded colliders, lewdly pissed and shat on. Things are modified to create something new. A copper plate is the object of flâneur, a Venus becomes stupid, a fountain turned on, a map torn up, a bird is magic. Right here (pointing to the ground) in flux until judgement day. Because 2 is better than 1, it takes 2 to make a thing go right, the last time is never the first and the the first is always the second. Duplication is 1:1 (an immovable event). Double the pleasure, double the fun, choose your player, choose your (pre)-history. Assets and inventory, scan prints (in your voice the words print and prince sound the same) and print again.

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